DOC Content

1.We are DOC. Our first commitment is to quality in editorial content production. We use creativity and innovation as basic premises for the development of our products, whether in print or digital platform.


2.We value people. Our main intellectual assets are our employees. We cherish the welfare, freedom of expression and autonomy. We encourage professional growth and recognize it by meritocracy.


3.We operate in the health world. Our focus is to provide quality information for health professionals and patients, promoting continuing education in order to improve people’s quality of living.


4.We are committed to customers. Our responsibility is with truth, honesty and ethics. We take-up what we agreed with our partners, using all available efforts. We face our mistakes with dignity and respect.


5.We see always new opportunities. Our challenges are to overcome the pre-established limits. We are a national reference in our field and we aim to the international scenario.


6.We believe in sustainable growth. Our goal is to preserve the resources of the institution, good relationships with our suppliers, the appropriate staff training and company financial stability.


7.We seek to profit fairly. Our philosophy is to see profit as fundamental, as long as the appropriate values are respected for our customers, partners, suppliers and the organization itself. We are DOC.