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DOC Content publishes books in line with health professionals. Our books are aimed at medical knowledge, focusing on originality, research and clarity of ideas, so that the professional increasingly improves his career.

1. Parameters for sending a presentation:

As a first contact, we ask that the author send us, by e-mail, a written presentation covering the following points:

➨ To whom the book is destined for (target audience)

➨ How did the idea of the book came to be (for example, your observation, a specific case / patient etc.)

➨ What the book is about: theme, approach, goal, the way it will address the issue etc.

➨ Personal information: full name, phone, email, brief CV

If the author has the text ready, just send the first chapter of the book for review to our editorial team, in addition to the above presentation.
Interested authors can send both text to the email:

Sincerely Yours,
DOC Content


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